"Fashion Forever" Ltd.

The company “Fashion Forever” Ltd. is a unipersonal ownership and is managed by Mr. Alexander Karáivanov. Our experience in the area of apparel production and trade dated since 1994. Nowadays, the company develops its activity in modern production facilities (company property) that meet all contemporary standards of this business. They are located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, on a total surface of 3000 sq.m.



Business Activities


 “Fashion Forever” Ltd. is specialized in the production of light (tubular) knitwear, covering all activities up-to the manufacturing of ready-to-wear garments:


  • modeling of the 1st sample
  • production of small test-quantities
  • size grading by application of CAD system
  • purchase of fabrics and accessories
  • apparel manufacturing: cutting, sewing,
  • quality control and packaging
  • logistics and delivery


Production Capacity


Actually, the company monthly production capacity is from 10000 to 12000 units and it is possible to increase this quantity within a reasonable period of time. Besides the export, the production is distributed on the local market, where it is presented under our own brand - 






Based on the understanding that in this branch the sfaff is the key-factor for successful business, we make considerable efforts for its motivation. The personnel has longtime experience, is well trained and works as a team. It is prepared to meet the high requirements of the German market, where we have been making exports since 2003.





Differently from many other companies in the apparel industry, we have at our disposal very well working departments, completed by designers, operators and technologists.


We have a very wide range of equipment and machines to cover all kind of operations during the production process.





We have excellent longlasting business relations with many providers of fabrics, accessories and raw materials, as well as an agent for our purchases from Turkey.





We have strong goodwill, experience and faith to develop our activity for long years ahead, maintaining the existing customers and also beginning new partnerships with companies from the EU.



Alexander Karáivanov